party policy / field trip policy


Download the Party/ Field Trip Policy pdf HERE!

The new Wellness Policy affects the manner in which we conduct seasonal celebrations.

Classroom Parties are limited at Blandford.

Primary grades (first through third) may have the following parties:

            Christmas/ December Holiday
            End of the Year

Upper grades (fourth through sixth) may have the following parties:

            Christmas/ December Holiday
            End of the Year

Room parents and teachers will coordinate party plans. We want children to enjoy the celebrations, so we will allow a small sweet to be served. Please do not send in party items without first checking with the teacher. Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy these events. For example, there can be crafts, games, music, and treat bags with small toys, pencils, stickers, etc. Room parents and teachers should work together to plan the event as far in advance as possible.

If a party is planned during lunch time, the cafeteria must be notified at least one week in advance, so that extra lunches will not be purchased.

More information regarding room parents will be coming from the PTA.

Birthday Celebrations are not allowed at Blandford.

In an effort to implement equity for all students, there will be no individual birthday celebrations at school. However, there is an alternative.

You may donate a book to the school library in your child’s name. Your child’s name will be written on a sticker and placed in the front cover of the book. The book will be placed on the special Birthday Shelf in the library. Mrs. Schaffer, our librarian will have books available for you to purchase. She will be available from 8:05 – 11:05 a.m. every day.

Field Trips

Students may not be pulled out of school to attend field trips of their siblings. Doing so will result in consequences for  the students.