Dear Parents/Guardians,


As part of our continuing efforts to provide information regarding your child’s progress and status. Beginning October 11, 2010, parents of Blandford Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth graders will be able to view information for their children from our school database using the District Homelink account.  Through our secure server you will be able to view your student’s demographic data, grades, attendance records, and emergency contact information.  This letter will provide you with the information necessary to log into the through any Internet connection.


The following is needed prior to creating a Homelink account:


1. A Parent Email Account

2. Student Permanent Identification Number – Unique number assigned to each student

3. Valid Area Code & Telephone Number – If you do not have a telephone number, come to Blandford to set up an


4. Verification Code - Given to you by the school


1.      Logging on

To access the Homelink sign-in screen, go to the following URL:


Create a New Account with your email address and a password.  You will be required to change your password after you log on to the DISTRICT Parent Portal for the first time.  Passwords are required to be changed every three months thereafter.


2.      Accessing Student Information

Once logged in you will be given access to a number of tabbed choices including Student Info, Attendance and Grades.  Please note:  All information is current.  You will be able to view or print any of the information.


3.      Logging out

Homelink will automatically log you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.  Please remember to log out and close your browser window when you have finished using the District Homelink on a public computer (any non-home computer).  Failing to close your internet window may make your student’s personal record available to users who use the computer after you.


Please review the "Creating New Accounts" document located in the Parent Resources section located under the Parents menu, Homelink page (https://homelink.rowland.k12.ca.us/abi/).  If you have difficulty accessing your account please contact us at (626) 965-3410.


Thank you.  We hope that this additional access will be helpful to you and to your student.




Mercedes Lovie