Dress Code

Dress Code


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The school principal shall have the right to designate which types of dress, fashion, fads, or appearance disrupt or detract from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard.

Dress Code Violations:

1. Clothes with rude, lewd, anti-school, or suggestive messages will not be allowed.

2. Clothes with depictions of cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs will not be allowed.

3. Hats may not be worn inside the building.

4. No tank tops are allowed – tops must have 1” straps – (no bra straps showing).

5. Clothing must be appropriate for school and not cause a disruption to the educational process. T-shirts    especially – only appropriate sayings.

6. Undergarments may not be visible

7. Clothing which is so “tight”, or too short (short shorts) as to be suggestive, or too loose as to be associated with gangs will not be allowed.

8. Shoes must have closed toe, be low heeled, and be secured to the feet – no sandals.

9. Jewelry must not be distracting or unsafe for sports.

10. Hair must not be disruption to the educational process.