Honor Code


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Honor Code


Blandford appreciates each child’s uniqueness and encourages both the self confidence to explore creativity and the discipline necessary for learning. We believe that each child needs to be held responsible for their own behavior and achievement. We expect our students to understand that character and honor are as important as academic achievement. The Honor Code incorporates the Community of Caring values of Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Trust, Family, and provides a strong guideline for our Blandford School students. After each value there are examples of that behavior. These are not all of the ways that a child could show the values, but rather a sample.


Our students will:


  1. Be respectful :


  1. Be Caring towards others :   


  1. Be Responsible and Prepared:


  1. Be a contributor:


Blandford trusts that students will act honorably so as to reflect pride upon themselves, their families, and the school.