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Suggestions to Parents of Incoming Kindergartners

Suggestions to Parents of Incoming Kindergarten Students

Download the Kindergarten Suggestions PDF HERE!

We know you are very excited about your child beginning school in the fall, and we at Blandford look forward to a positive and successful year together.

In preparing to enter kindergarten there are many activities you can do with your child so that he/she will be ready to begin the year.

Teach your child to do these things, by him/herself.
1. Use a Kleenex to blow his/her nose.
2. Use paper to clean him/herself after using the toilet.
3. Re-dress after using the toilet.
4. Wash hands after using the toilet – every time.

Guide your child to learn:
1. To put things away that he/she uses.
2. To do simple chores.
3. To dress him/herself (or re-dress after using the bathroom.)
4. To listen to specific directions and follow them.
5. To tie his/her shoes.

Be sure your child knows:
1. His/Her first and last name.
2. How to walk to school. (Practice several times.)
3. How to use a crosswalk.
4. To be aware of cars backing out of driveways.
5. To go directly to/from school.
6. Not to talk to strangers, even friendly ones.

Let your child:
1. Arrange household items into categories.
2. Prepare simple nutritious snacks.
3. Play counting games using up to ten objects.
4. Play color games using the eight basic colors.
5. Name the objects and share experiences.

All of these skills and activities will help make the adjustment to kindergarten an easy and positive one. We hope you will take advantage of this time together before school starts to work on building skills that your child will need next.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you in August!