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Hello Blandford Parents!

The Blandford School PTA is a proud participant in the life of our school. With the financial difficulties that are so prevalent in our state, your support of PTA is even more important than ever. Over the years, the Blandford PTA has been able to fund field trips for our kids, purchase classroom equipment and books, ensure the survival of key programs, provide playground equipment and benches for our children to enjoy, and so much more! We welcome your participation and involvement in assuring these endeavors become a reality.

Your PTA Board consists of every day parents just like you. Please consider donating to the Blandford PTA. You can do so by volunteering just a few hours a month, helping in the classroom, or by making a financial contribution or donating your professional services. At the minimum, please consider becoming a member of PTA - this way, you can get semi-monthly updates by email on upcoming school activities and other important events. For more information, please contact your Blandford PTA President, Mrs. Ana Ceja, or any other PTA board member.

Thank you!

- Your Blandford PTA