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Science and Reading and Writing (with Mrs. Reina)

Please always feel free to contact me by email through this website. I check messages daily, and reply as soon as possible.

Fourth grade science includes 3 major units of study.
Physical Science - Electricity and magnets
Life Science - Living organisms and their environments
Earth Science - Rocks, minerals, the rock cycle and erosion

Reading and writing will be alternated with Mrs. Reina. We work together very closely and carefully schedule assignments so that there is balance.

In reading, we will read from the textbooks, both fiction and nonfiction selections. We will aslo read outside literature including chapter books, articles and short stories.

In writing, we will cover many genres including personal narratives, personal essays, imaginative narratives, response to literature, and persuasive writing.

All grades will consist of homework, classwork, group work, and tests. I look forward to an exciting year of learning!

Ms. Daniels