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January Parent Letter Regarding New Visitor Procedures


January 2016

Dear Blandford Parents


Safety was one of the key issues expressed by parents and by staff to the Superintendent. Each group was concerned regarding numerous visitors on the school campus before and during school. Blandford is working to ensure our students are as safe as possible while at school and we will need everyone’s help.


Beginning the first day back from Winter Break in January, on January 11th,  all visitors (parents, relatives, etc.) must check in and wear a visible name tag stating who they are and where they are going. At the end of their visit, they must sign out and return the name tag.


  • The Kindergarten and First Grade parents will check in and out at the Kindergarten gate for their Morning Reading Club.
  • Visitors must check in and out at the office and state the purpose of their visit. Visitors on campus must wear a name tag. Be sure to turn in your name tag when you check out.
  • Only Students and Staff will be allowed in the cafeteria before school, this is a district policy. Parents will no longer be able to come into the cafeteria during breakfast time.
  • When the bell rings, school begins, and teachers need to take their classes into the classroom and begin instruction. If a parent wants to talk to a teacher they may leave a written message at the office or they may email the teacher. It is important that teachers have the maximum time for instruction and should not be interrupted during this time.
  • Lunch / or other item delivery to students must have the student’s name. Any item being dropped off needs to be placed on the cart. Be sure to drop off lunches before the carts are brought in: 10:50 a.m. If lunches are not on the cart when the cart is taken inside the gates, the student will eat a cafeteria lunch.


What a delight it is for me to serve as your Interim Principal. I have been at Blandford School several times over the past few years when Mrs. Lovie was visiting schools in China, etc.

Blandford parents have a history of being involved and supportive parents, which is still evident today. As you know, the safety of all our students is a primary concern for you as well as for Blandford School staff. It is important for the school to know who is on the campus and the purpose for their visit.

I look forward to working with Blandford parents as well as Blandford staff to help provide the best possible education for your child in a safe environment where the school is aware of all visitors on campus.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Susan Halliday

Interim Blandford Principal


**Below is Letter in English and Spanish.