Blandford Elementary School

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Blandford Students Have Hands-On Learning Fun Thanks to Rowland Water

On Tuesday, April 8, 100 second grade students at Blandford Elementary had fun building terrariums in the cafeteria. Students brought 2 liter bottles to layer gravel, charcoal, soil, plants, decorative rock and a dinosaur to enjoy the "water cycle in a bottle" environment. Blandford 2nd Grade Teacher Sherrie Walton said, “We applied for and received a WEWAC grant of $750 from the Rowland Water District. We have been working with Brittnie Van De Car, Education Program Coordinator for Rowland Water has been working with us to learn how we can conserve our valuable, dwindling, resource of water. In class, we have been studying the water cycle through close reading activities, diagrams, songs, and making paper water cycle models. We made ‘Weather in a Cup’ experiments with shaving cream, and watched water evaporate in a cup. Our grant money covered the Terrarium project, classroom non-fiction books about water, games, and a microscope. Thank you Rowland Water District!” 

(Photos courtesy of Rowland Water, Brittnie Van De Car).