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School Profile

Every child at Blandford has the opportunity to learn in an environment that respects differences and values each student’s culture. At Blandford, the community vision is to inspire and nurture the journey of lifelong learning for all. Open any Blandford School yearbook and the Blandford story unfolds. Among the pages are captured moments in time when students and teachers are engaged in the excitement of teaching and learning. Every member of the Blandford School community is connected through a common purpose that keeps the needs of the students at the center of the decision making process. It’s within this climate that Blandford School offers a safe and nurturing place for all students to learn and acquire proficiency in English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, and Visual and Performing Arts.  This vision for learning supports the goals articulated through the state standards and promotes high expectations about what students should know, understand and be able to do upon leaving Blandford. The vision exists at the core of Blandford School life and was adopted through shared leadership among the entire Blandford School community. 

School Highlights and Programs
  • 2007 National Blue Ribbon Award Winner
  • Distinguished School 2006 and 2000
  • PBIS P.A.W.S (Problem Solvers, Always Dependable, Works and Plays Responsibly, Shows Kindness and Respect to Self and Others). 
  • Student of the Month Assemblies, Family Nights 
  • Our Gifted and Talented Education program includes training for teachers in differentiated instruction. 
  • Our fourth-grade students participate in a time-capsule field trip.
  • Our sixth grade annually attends Outdoor Science School in the San Bernardino Mountains.
  • Students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to participate in band or the string orchestra (violin, cello)
  • Fourth through sixth-grade students have the opportunity to participate in student government through an active Student Council.
  • After school sports are offered (Softball & Basketball) to 4-6 students.